PRESS DIGEST - Russia - Aug 27

PRESS DIGEST - Russia - Aug 27

PRESS DIGEST - Russia - Aug 27

MOSCOW, Aug 27 (Reuters) - The following are some stories in Russia's newspapers on Thursday.

Reuters has not verified these stories and does not vouch for серіали 2022 онлайн their accuracy.


- Russia's Finance Ministry is proposing to impose a 70 percent tax rate on excess profit for the oil industry.

- Russia's export of cigarettes, not including to Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia, grew to 11.2 billion units worth $184.8 million in the first half of 2015, from 9 billion worth $158.6 million a year earlier.


- Russia's Treasury is said to have already received about 1.1.

billion euros from France as compensation for two undelivered Mistral helicopters carriers.

- Diamond miner Severalmaz claims that some of its 150,000-carat diamonds handed over to the State Precious Metals and Gems Repository, Gokhran, for obligatory sorting were either replaced by lower-quality diamonds or disappeared.

- Rostelecom plans to invest 2 billion roubles ($29.8 million) in Digital TV, its joint venture with state broadcaster VGTRK, which will broadcast Russian serials and animation in Latin America.


- Ukraine wants to raise the question of replacing Russia's peacekeepers in the Dnestr region of Moldova with a Western contingent.

- The government is considering ways to encourage businesses to share some of the costs of healthcare for elderly people, whose number will grow to almost 40 million or 26 percent of the population by 2021.


- The head of Russia's Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, is worried about several thousand cyber attacks everyday on official sites which he believes represent a direct threat to national security.

- Russia's strategic armed forces will be testing the mobility of its Topol-M and Yars ballistic missile complexes, including imitation of nuclear launches, as part of exercises conducted across the country over the next month.


- A little-known company allegedly controlled by a son of the Prosecutor General Yury Chaika, Igor Chaika, has won a 43 billion roubles ($640.72 million) contract on rubbish disposal in the capital.

- Retailers have seen 10-80 percent surges in purchases of household appliances and furniture this week compared to the previous week.

- Private pension funds have invested up to 180 billion roubles ($2.68 billion) by July into securities of Russian companies.


- A 18-year-old soldier of Russia's airborne troops opened sporadic fire on fellow soldiers on Wednesday killing three and injuring at least three others during field exercises near Kostroma.

He killed himself with the same gun afterwards. ($1 = 67.1125 roubles) (Reporting By Tatiana Ustinova, editing by Jason Bush)